Where the vision is one year,
		  Cultivate flowers.
	 Where the vision is ten years,
			      Cultivate trees.
		   Where the vision is eternity,
				      Cultivate people.
Everything that we see today in SCRWWO/Vijayawada, was a dream before it became a reality. 45 years ago, a great woman had envisioned taking responsibility of providing service to railway men and their families on her shoulder. She dreamt to provide all kind of thinkable and unthinkable conditions that a railway family can face, living far away from their native town and she started SCRWWO, Vijayawada. Today, it is standing tall and mighty. But now our vision goes beyond the basics. We want the best, we are the best and our family and children need nothing less than the best. If we have to give service we will give number one service and see to it that we are number one within and without.


Our target is to see that the railway men and women have confidence in us and we cultivate the best possible future for our family.

Jack & Jill School:
Education is must and Education we provide
E - World:
To give basic computer knowledge to every railway man, woman, child and provide projects for railway usage.

Sisu Vihar:
To provide clean and healthy environment for our young tiny tots.

Asha Kiran:
To make our a special children self sufficient and self reliant.

Handicraft centre:
To provide the four units moral and social support and give them the platform to show their innumerable talents.

To check the cleanliness and good hygienic conditions prevailing there.