Jack and Jill School was started with the noble intention o providing quality at an affordable fee .The Endeavour has been to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to the building up the personality of the child and at the same time provide the educational back ground that is necessary to the meet the challenges that lie ahead in life
Jack and Jill School was started in 1963 with WCG .The number of section wee increased as the strength grew and classes were added an almost every year.
The station road branch of the school had the kindergarten sections. The LKG section was conducted in the morning from 9.30 A.M to 12.30 P.M and the UKG section from 1.30P.M to 4.30 P.M
Upto 1977-1978, the classes 1-5 were conducted in a building caltex Road (road towards one town) near petrol bunk. From 1979 onwards, one class each was shifted to the main branch campus.
By 1992, Jack and Jill had four branches the station road branch, the Satyanarayanapuram branch, a branch at wynchpet and one at up yard.
The main school had 6 sections of LKG, Satyanarayanapuram had 2, and other 2 branches a section of LKG and UKG each.
In 1992,a branch of Jack and Jill School was started at Tuni and Guntur (undivided Vijayawada Division)

In 1996, a branch at Krishna Canal junction was opened; by 2001 it had three classes of LKG, UKG and 1St class.
Ever since, the school got recognition of the State Education Board in 2001(18/6/01) an auditorium was in augurated in the main school for extra curricular activities in November the same year two more rooms were added on the STPM branch.
In Oct 2002, the new complex at Wynchpet was in augurated.
In 2003 April the new block at STPM was started .
During 2004-2006, the old sheds of the main branch were dismanted and the new one storey block was constructed.
At Up yard, the old school block was dismantted and a new building was constructed.
The school has grown from strength to strength and currently there are around 1700 students and 85 staff including 62 teachers.
In the late 70ís and early 80ís, Jack and Jill School was a popular destination for parents looking for all round education for their children. Only were 6 LKG sections and 250 applications would be accepted. Would queue up through the night for applications. The crowd needed to be controlled by the RPF .1st preference was given to Railway Employees and admission was limited for non Railway children.
Jack and Jill school enjoyed the prestige of being the best school in Vijayawada during that period.
Given the changing scenario in the field of education, jack and Jill has been striving to provide the little extra that distinguishes champions form the crowd.
Efficient Financial management and administration has been integrated in the running of the school,
Now that the branches have expanded considerably, separate branch in charges and Asst. in charges have been appointed to look after the day to day running of the school.
This has resulted in the remarkable change in the efficiency levels of the teachers and descriptive among the students.
A mark Schedule and the list of events planned for the year is drawn up well in advance to help plan and organize the programs well.
Apart from the National days like Independence Day and Republic Day which are celebrated in a grand manner, Cultural activities are conducted on different festivals to faster a mutual religious tolerance among the students.
Competitions are held regularly in the field of sports, music, dance, education to inculcate a spirit of participation and team motivation among the students .
The results of the 10th Board exams have been encouraging over the last few years.